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alotSo YouTube Channel is the place to share you with vivid digital products/services information, including detailed how-to guide. Subscribe and give a thumb up if you enjoy our share, to get updated useful information. A picture is more than a thousand words, while videos would be nicer if you think TL; DR.

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alotVPN by alotSo is the main platform for the users outside China mainland to request information, ask a question or engage with us. Also, we will share brief information about everything we think it's useful and should share with the world to help people in need. Follow us and spread a word if you like.

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alotVPN by alotSo on Telegram Channel is the place to share you with best free VPN services working in China Mainland or where else, including detailed how-to guide and setting up VPN on VPS or cloud, which you can easily share with the people you care or you think maybe helpful somehow for them.

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alotSo WeChat Subscription Account aims to provide useful information for the subscribers, including digital products or services, which you can easily share with the people you care or you think maybe helpful somehow for them. Due to government policy, we will not share VPN related information on this platform. While, you can easily engage with us so that we can help you out somehow.

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Our story

We’re living in the more and more digital life nowadays,  while the world is growing increasingly hostile to online privacy. As governments and corporations invade our online lives and limit our access to the web, more of us are coming to a decision about the need to protect our privacy. Lucky enough, there are a lot of solutions contributed by the open source community with free VPN tools and other digital products to protect our privacy or unlock the internet border without limitations. And for the students, this world treats with hope to provide a lot of free perks as well for our better future.

We love open source stuffs, and love free stuffs as well. As to contribute for the open source community, so we decide to share useful information such as the open source solutions or free digital products/services for our digital life as a part of the open source community contribution.

Everybody is happy to get free stuffs and uses it for free. Hereby, we hope you can use it for the right purpose, not hurting other people or our community. Hope you will enjoy what we are doing. Share useful information for the people you care or you think it may help them someway.

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This is the Icon, with a "L", "O", "T", "S" and "O" into one symbol, like 101, which makes the logo icon and stands for a lot of solutions with how-to guide 101 in details.

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This is the Icon with wordmark, which makes the Logo.

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This is the Logo with Slogan, including animation for awesomeness.

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